EEG CoD Championship Series I Final Placements
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Recently, the EEG Call of Duty Championship Series I came to an end.

64 teams turned up for the chance to become the EEG Call of Duty Championship Series I Champions, with some of Europe’s finest amateur players getting involved.

These are the final placements: 


  • 49th-64th: Bulldog Esports, Remedy esports, Impulse Gaming, Wise eSports, ZeusESC, BaobabGaming, Team Vision Red, CaLL Me eSports, REFLEXEU, SMR Team, Deny_Nation, Team SWORD, DetroxGaming Main, OutlawSanction, LuxuL Gaming, Solzar.
  • 33rd-48th: Unsurpassed.Italy, Team No Name, TheAxisRegion, STK eSports, xeniuM.UK, OverExtension, Opulent Youth, SMR B, Vanity Youth, C2C Gaming, Sly Gaming, Rapid Gaming, FoX Gaming, Misty eSports, Global Gaming Youth, LyZo eSports.
  • 25th-32nd: Ensky Nation, Black Unicorns, Void Gaming, Team Visionary, DragonZgaming, Team Descend, Vivify Esports, Ful Gaming.
  • 17th-24th: StrokeUnit, Unsurpassed Esports, Mecha Esports, Klp Gaming, Team Eternal, Invicta Gaming, Hound Esports, Wasps Gaming.
  • 13th-16th: Krypto Gaming, Endurance Club, Yeti Gaming, FoX Gaming
  • 9th-12th: Why Gaming, Team Aerox, Vortex Gaming, Team Spire.
  • 7th-8th: Zealous Esports, Seven7Esports.
  • 5th-6th: Radiant Esports, Reactivate Team.
  • 4th: Brainstorm [ENG]
  • 3rd: Aerox Esports [ENG]
  • 2nd: Aftershock.Revelation [ENG]
  • 1st: Aftershock.Vanquish [ENG]


We reached over 8,000 viewers over 20 hours of streaming, reaching 17 different countries over the weekend.

We are looking forward on hosting the final Infinite Warfare online event which is the EEG European Cup 2017 with the best amateur teams around Europe! 

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