FIFA17 FUT LEAGUE: Season 1 Final Placements
Posted By: eeg_admin | 2 years ago

Recently, the FIFA17 FUT League: Season 1 came to an end.

20 players on both Xbox 1 and Playstation 4 entered in the FIFA17 FUT League: Season 1. These are the final placements: 


  • 13th: Flawless Gaming
  • 11th-12th: Hound seaN, C2C Gaming
  • 9th-10th: EYES k1onex, Hound Giggla
  • 7th-8th: xeniuM Gaming, EcHo Gaming
  • 5th- 6th: EYES Jekoz, StrokeUnit
  • 4th: Vanity Esports [MLT]
  • 3rd: Detrox Mouse [ENG]
  • 2nd: EcHo_Steely [SCO]
  • 1st: Frost eSports FIFA [WAL]


  • 7th: Team Insolense
  • 5th- 6th: CaLL Me eSports, Vivify eSports
  • 4th: Hound Michu [POL]
  • 3rd: C2Cgaming [ENG]
  • 2nd: Hound Kuba [POL]
  • 1st: Vanity eSports [ENG]

We are looking forward on hosting the final FIFA17 FUT League before FIFA 18 this september! 

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