The start for the first FIFA 18 league on XB1
Posted By: eeg_admin | 2 years ago

The first FIFA 18 FUT league on XB1 have officially started with 10 players. Some important information you need to know regard this league. 

  • To view your upcoming matches, you must go on your team's page (go on and click on your team). On your team's page, you have all your league matches. When you view a match, you will see who is host, your opponents psn and the date and time of the match. Please its important that you report your wins and your LOSES. If you do not report your loses, you may get disqualified in the league. 
  • League matches are every MondayWednesday and Friday. If you need to reschedule a match, you need to contact your opponent either on Twitter or PSN at least 2 days before the scheduled match. League matches are best of 1 and you play each opponent 2x. 
  • From each pool, 4 players qualify for playoffs. From each pool, only 1 player will get knocked out. This means only 2 players will get knocked out from 10 players. 
  • Playoffs is on the 10th-12th of November, more information regarding playoffs will come out in the upcoming weeks.

If you need anymore assistance, please contact me on Twitter on @EEGOnline or @EEGSupport. 



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