FIFA 18 XB1 Final Placements and PS4 PO Schedule
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Recently, the first Fifa18 Xbox One league has come to an end.

10 teams turned up for the chance to become the EEG Fifa18 Champion on Xbox One, with some of Europe’s finest amateur players getting involved.

These are the final placements: 

  • 9th-10th: Mal Jshattock, Need an Org
  • 7th-8th: Cryo Archie, Asoria
  • 5th-6th: Rannerz, roryaxon
  • 3rd: CognateSm0ggs
  • 2nd: Emperial Joey
  • 1st: Emperial Jordy

We will be announcing the upcoming Xbox One League in January 2018, stay tuned!


This is the schedule for the PS4 League: 

Saturday 23rd of December 2017

Winners Round 1 at 4:00pm GMT

Losers Round 1 at 5:00pm GMT

Winners Round 2 at 5:00pm GMT

Losers Round 2 at 6:00pm GMT

Winners Round 3 at 6:00pm GMT

Losers Round 3 at 7:00pm GMT

Losers Round 4 at 8:00pm GMT


Sunday 24th of December 2017

Losers Round 5 at 3:00pm GMT

Winners Final at 4:00pm GMT

Losers Final at 5:00pm GMT

Grand Final at 6:00pm GMT


All matches are best of 1 but the Grand Final is best of 3. Please take note that these times are estimated, matches may finish earlier or later. Please play your matches once your upcoming match is complete. Good luck and may the best player win. 


If you need anymore assistance, please contact me on Twitter either on @EEGOnline or @EEGSupport. 




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