EEG European Championship: S1 Final Placements
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The EEG European Championship: Season 1 has come to an end and what an amazing start to WWII! These are the final placements of this season's WWII competition: 


37th-40th: VoiD Gaming, FeverEsports, GoldStandard-Rising, Mecha.Black.

33rd-36th: Ripper eSports, REJECT Gaming, Llama eSports, Galactic Alliance.

29th-32nd: PrizeWinners, Seven7 eSports, GoldStandard, Vacent.Aztec.

25th-28th: Unsurpassed eSports, Animosity Youth, 8KEsports, Old Wolves ESP.

17th-24th: Hound eSports Youth, Nine Kings, Suspec7, R3X Gaming, Bad News.TBA, Erudite Youth, Nexus eSports, Vatillium. 

13th-16th: Legion Gaming, Socially eSports, afterShock, BrainStorm Lightning.

9th-12th: Divide Black, VoiD Youth, Dauntless, Krypto Gaming.

7th-8th: Nexus Youth, TeamViral.

5th-6th: BrainStorm Thunder, Vortex Gaming.

4th: Zealous Black

3rd: OBN.Youth

2nd: Cryptick Gaming

1st: Bulldog Esports


Congratulations to Bulldog Esports on winning Season 1. Season 2 is around the corner, more information and sign ups are coming out soon. Stay tuned!  

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