EEG European Championship: S3 Final Placements
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The EEG European Championship: Season 3 has come to an end and it was another amazing online event on WWII! More than 70 teams competed in Season 3 and these are the top 24 placements of this season: 


1st: Radiant Esports
2nd: Cavaliers Esports 
3rd: Cryptick Gaming 
4th: Panthers Esports 
5th - 6th: Wasps Gaming, Wevicious
7th - 8th: Animosity Gaming, Nine Kings 
9th - 12th: Emperiial Esports, Legion Gaming, Oblivion Esports, Vortex Gaming
13th - 16th: A&E eSports Club, Mindless.Youth, Osterity Esports, Vertex Main
17th - 24th: BaNg eSports, Bulldog Esports, Dexterity Gaming, HyperioN eSports, Iconic Gaming, OverShadow Esports, Unsurpassed, Zealous Esports


With Season 3 of the EEG Championships over, we congratulate Radiant Esports on their first place title. In Season 1, we saw Bulldog Esports take the first trophy, followed by Cryptick Gaming in Season 2. We look back at the this season's playoffs and how Radiant Esports took first place:


Radiant Esports’ roster consisted of Jordy, Fusionz, Billy and Saiyan where they found themselves unbeaten throughout their playoff run. They opened the series with the first game five of the playoffs against Nine Kings - succeeding to round two against Season 2 champions, Cryptick Gaming.


The last time these two teams clashed, Radiant Esports finished third in the Season 2 championships below Brash Esports. However in season 3, Radiant saw their round 2 victory in map 4 to find their way against Panthers eSports. A second game 5 success for Radiant Esports advanced their unbeaten run once again as they knocked WeVicious into the losers bracket with a clean 3-0 sweep. Their semi-final match saw Cavaliers eSports Club drop into losers round 6 against Cryptick Gaming after a 3-1 knock from Radiant Esports.


Cryptick Gaming held onto their chances of coming back into the winners bracket to face Radiant Esports; but they could not clutch onto the final game of their series where they were eliminated by a 3-2 loss against Cavaliers eSports Club - sending them back into the final after their semi-final knock.


In the final of the Season 3 championship, we saw an intense game 5 where Cavaliers eSports Club held a 1-0 advantage over Radiant Esports, but the final was not over yet: for the Spanish side to take home first place, they needed to end Radiant Esports’ winning run once again. However, things turned for the worst for Cavaliers as another game 5 was the final chance to win the Season 3 Championship title. The final Search and Destroy saw Radiant Esports hold a 6-4 lead to take the grand final.

In this season, this has been the first time to see two teams from two different countries battle it out for the grand prize with over 400 viewers in the Grand Final on Twitch. Your EEG Season 3 Championship MVP has been awarded to Jordy, congratulations! 

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