EEG CoD Winter Championship 2017 Final placements
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Recently, the EEG Call of Duty Winter Championship 2017 came to an end

Many teams turned up for the chance to become the 2017 Call of Duty Winter Champions, with some of Europe’s finest amateur players getting involved.

The final win, however was taken by Bulldog Esports’ youth team, who saw off Oblivion Esports in a close 3-2 fashion, with each team trading maps throughout. With all matches being kept very tight, the final Search and Destroy was anybody’s to win, but Bulldog clutched up, kept composure, and finally won 6-3 to take the tournament win.

In a statement made by Bulldog captain Swift, he said that the team goes in to all tournaments “with 100% confidence”, and they showed that with us here.


Final placements were as follows:

1st - Bulldog Esports

2nd - OBN.COD

3rd - Invicta Gaming

4th - Mecha Esports

5th-6th - Team Profuse, Team Descend

7th-8th - Aevion Esports, Vortex Gaming

9th-12th - Aelous.COD, Remedy eSports, Zealous.Youth, FoX.Youth

13th - 16th - GameFist, Elysium Nevoria Team, Nova Esports, EnD Focus

17th-20th - Team Viral, Empire Gold, Team In2ition, X7.NED

21st-24th - aS.CoD, Inversity, Wasps Gaming, Mecha Esports, 

25th-28th - Overtake Gaming, Favi Esports, NONAME, eXm

29th-32nd - Samurai Esports, Frost Esports, Natium, Wasps Gaming


We reached over 10,000 viewers over 37 hours of streaming, reaching 23 different countries over the weekend.

We are looking forward on hosting the EEG Call of Duty Championship Series I with the best amateur teams around Europe! 

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